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Our SMARTspend© solution saves hospitals over 10% of non-labor expenses

Health Spend Advisers' SMARTspend© solution routinely saves hospitals over 10% of their non-labor expenses year over year. It is based on patent-pending technology and the S.M.A.R.T. methodology of supply chain management by objectives. SMARTspend© provides Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Real and Time-driven results. The solution consists of three modules:

SMARTanalytics© offers a cloud-based business intelligence system providing operational insight and decision support for business-critical processes. [...]
SMARTdata© automatically transforms transactional spend data into actionable information. [...]
SMARTsavings© automatically generates a set of easy to follow, actionable recommendations on improving hospital supply chain operations. [...]

Call (888) 869-9520 to Start

Where to start?

  • Sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your data
  • Provide an export file from your purchasing system (Lawson, PeopleSoft, etc) with historical transactional data (invoice feed, purchase orders, etc)

What to expect?

  • We cleanse, categorize and standardize your data
  • Then, the data is loaded into your own instance of SMARTanalytics© cloud-based solution with web access to your authorized personnel

Next steps

  • We train you how to use your SMARTanalytics© solution effectively
  • You will start identifying tangible savings opportunities that you can act on

We help healthcare supply chain stakeholders
to achieve operational excellence since 2006

SMARTspend© technology was developed and validated in a number of engagements with major Group Purchasing Organizations, distributors, consulting organizations, hospitals and their suppliers since 2006.

As part of these engagements, we analyzed and improved data from thousands of hospitals, working on behalf of our clients.

How we are different

We guarantee tangible results and offer a risk-free engagement model.

Our solutions are GPO- and supplier-neutral, and therefore our only incentive and goal is client value and satisfaction.

SMARTspend© solution is based on the proven methodology, unparalleled technology and expertise. Highly flexible and customizable automated process offers minimal disruption for the cutomer while providing impressive accuracy and rapid turnaround in days, not months!

Solutions offered by GPOs, distributors and suppliers are all characterized by similar traits:

  • Not addressing the issue holistically, no access to entire spend data.
  • Manual process is long, expensive and error-prone.
  • Pursuing own financial goals, “optimization” recommendations do not reflect the best interests of their clients.

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