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SMARTanalytics© Solution

Spend Analysis is a pre-requisite for any Supply Chain improvement initiative. Organizations that strategically invest in their supply chains by making improvements based on performance measurement data can gain substantial qualitative and quantitative benefits.

SMARTanalytics© is an innovative GPO- and Supplier-neutral web based Spend and Utilization Analysis Solution, providing invaluable insight into the supply chain operations. It offers a user-friendly, intuitive way to explore spend data from all possible angles. Provides single point of control over all spend management operations via a set of industry-standard Key Performance Indicators and metrics based on industry best practices. Aggregate, analyze and drill-down to any level of details. Precisely pinpoint problematic areas and potential saving opportunities.

SMARTanalytics© allows to gain operational advantage by facilitating strategic sourcing including improved relationships with GPOs and individual suppliers and enabling fact-based negotiations.

SMARTanalytics© provides intuitive, web-based, point-and-click, drag-and-drop graphical interface for business-oriented users allowing quick and dynamic analysis over the entire spend data. The solution allows to instantaneously aggregate, slice and dice, drill down and analyze spend across all spend data components thus transforming raw data into actionable information.

Benefits of using SMARTanalytics©

  • Measure Supply Chain performance with Balanced Scorecard for: governance & process, financials, suppliers, customers, transactions and technology.
  • Identify saving opportunities: reduce or completely eliminate off-contract spend, consolidate suppliers to maximize purchasing power, negotiate new or re-negotiate existing contracts in high spend categories using entire spend volume.
  • Detect possible problems: product price discrepancies, incorrect UOM information in PO/Invoice data.
  • Enable strategic sourcing with category spend analysis, supplier analysis, price analysis and fact-based negotiations.
SMARTanalytics© leverages SMARTdata©, a cost-effective and automated solution, for data enrichment, categorization and standardization.
SMARTanalytics Balanced Scorecards
SMARTanalytics Trend Analysis
SMARTanalytics Charting Capabilities
SMARTanalytics Dashboard

SMARTanalytics© features

  • Performance measurement balanced scorecards
  • Predefined industry best practices metrics
  • Drag-and-drop point-and-click ad-hoc reporting
  • Key performance indicators represented in a variety of formats (including multi-colored dynamic charts)
  • Product price variance and trend analysis
  • "What-If" analysis to estimate impact of product price change
  • Export results into a variety of files formats to facilitate information sharing