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SMARTsavings© Solution

SMARTsavings© is GPO- and supplier-neutral Spend Optimization Solution. It provides significant saving opportunities on purchases of med/surg and pharma products via automatically generated actionable "guidance" reports. The guidance is based on the automated spend analysis, existing and optimized contractual obligations and required service level objectives.

SMARTsavings© is the next generation of Business Intelligence solutions helping healthcare providers and other stakeholders to position themselves ahead of the curve by facilitating contract compliance and optimization, product conversion and standardization opportunities.

The SMARTsavings© solution integrates with the existing systems and analyzes current and historical spending patterns. Then, based on the performed analysis, existing contractual obligations and service level objectives, SMARTsavings© automatically generates actionable spend optimization guidance providing significant savings opportunities for your next purchases.

SMARTsavings© solution enables optimization of contract performance by improving utilization and identifying conversion opportunities, reducing off-contract spend at higher prices and reducing inventory through product standardization. With SMARTsavings©, hospital can effectively manage physician preference items by standardization of high-impact area products, such as pharmacy, cardiovascular, surgical and orthopedics.
SMARTsavings Alternatives Report

SMARTsavings© Spend Optimization methodologies include:

  • Contract Compliance Validation
  • Contract/LOC Tier Optimization
  • Product Conversion Opportunities
  • Product Standardization Opportunities